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Our progress to date

This free fishing and diving spot map is a work in progress, with more info added regularly.

The early priority has been to add launch sites, artificial reefs and wrecks, and then rockbars, natural reefs, fishing camps and landbased spots.

A new addition is trolling runs and areas of interest using lines and heatmaps.

Public input is welcomed. WFS users can add markers to maps and comment on articles or add fishing reports.

Registered users can add markers by zooming into a feature, and tap or right-click and fill out the simple form.

While most readers won’t be posting secret spots, other useful info can be added, such as rockbars or breaking reef hazards or other local quirks.

Contributor map markers are checked by Admin before being approved.

No guarantee is supplied that data is accurate or fit for any particular purpose.

Some links to ship and plane wrecks may only be of academic interest.

Also, fishing regulations change constantly and may render listed spots unfishable.

Map positions shown in decimal degrees are approximate only. Where more accurate GPS marks are available, the co-ordinates will be listed in bold text in the marker listing in dd.mm.mmm format (WGS84) or listed in a separate article about the spot. If you add GPS data please be sure it is either in WGS84 or GDA94, or note the correct datum.

WFS can not guarantee the accuracy of any position data or likely fishing quality.

The data supplied is not suitable for navigation and unmarked hazards may exist, including and not limited to: breaking waves over reefs, hazardous rockbars or reefs, mudbanks and sandbanks, dangerous sea or weather conditions, dangerous animals, no phone coverage, no local rescue service etc.

When viewing maps, give markers time to load, and use the marker filters as needed.

On a phone or tablet it is best to expand the map to full screen.

Dragging the ‘Pegman’ symbol to a location enables street view.

Contact admin at fishfindermaps2@gmail.com

NSW <>< VIC <>< SA <>< WA <>< NT <>< QLD <>< TAS

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