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This free fishing and diving spot map is a BETA work in progress, with more information added each week.

We have prioritised adding boat ramps, artificial reefs and wrecks, and are moving onto rockbars, reefs and landbased spots.

Wiki FS users can register and add information, either on the maps, or via written articles, and they can comment on existing information.

While we understand most readers won’t be posting their own secret spots, there is plenty of other information that can be added, such as the location of rockbars or other hazards, as well as fishing information for areas a reader no longer fishes.

Any user-added map markers are checked by Admin before being approved.

No guarantee is supplied that the map data is accurate or fit for any purpose.

For example, many links to shipwrecks may only be of interest to historians or divers, and marine park and fishing regulations change constantly and may render a listed spot unfishable.

Please note that external videos are supplied on some pages, and the makers of these videos are not associated with this website.

Registered users can add markers by zooming into a rockbar, lodge, charter, ramp or other feature, and tap or right-click.

GPS data supplied with spot markers is generally in the WGS84 map datum. If you add GPS data please be sure it is either in WGS84, or note what datum is used.

When viewing maps, give markers time to load, and use marker filters as needed.

On a phone or tablet, expand the map to full screen and use two fingers to swipe. Dragging the ‘Pegman’ symbol to a location enables street view.

The search box finds our location articles.

Links to external videos and other content are supplied on some pages, which is not otherwise associated with this website.

As stated, this site is in its BETA version. Development is ongoing and information regularly updated.

To all site users, by proceeding, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. For site issues, including corrections, email here.

This site uses adware to serve some fishing information, and ads. If you use an ad blocker, some fishing information may not be visible. Ad blocker users are limited to one page view.

Contact admin at fishfindermaps2@gmail.com

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