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Albany is a popular fishing location because it offers safe sea access for boaters, and has beaches facing in different directions, allowing anglers to fish out of prevailing winds.

There is reasonably sheltered water near the town, along with a summer prawn and blue crab run. The annual salmon run occurs on scenic beaches, and the fish will bite until anglers are exhausted.

Sadly, rock fishing off Albany combines big waves and smooth, slippery rocks, a proven fatal recipe.

Boat launching is at the town ramp, Frenchmans Bay, Emu Point, Misery Beach and Lower King.

A few of Albany’s better spots are:
Bornholm Beach – accessible via rough 4WD track, produces salmon and herring.
Shelley Beach – accessible by 2WD, has mostly salmon;
Mutton Bird Island – most species, can be reached by 2WD to the carpark, and 4WD beyond.
Torbay Inlet – black bream.
Salmon Holes – one of the best salmon spots near Albany in late summer and autumn, accessible by 2WD. Avoid the rocks, people have drowned there.
Frenchman Bay – a good spot to take the boat, beach launching.
Princess Royal Harbour – most species for small boat fishos.
Oyster Harbour – bream in the snaggy King and Kalgan Rivers.
Middleton Beach – easy access to salmon fishing from town.
Two Peoples Bay – boat launching in calm weather.
The Sand Patch – landbased reef fishing for most species, a long walk down steep stairs located next to the local prison.
Normans Beach – salmon. Fishermen must park and walk.
Cheyne Beach – one of the best salmon beaches.

Albany also has the HMAS Perth artificial reef for divers, and there are several natural reefs in and near King George Sound.

Fishing gear for Western Australia

These recommendations are for landbased fishing for WA's temperate species.

Bluewater boat-based fishing requires different gear from that listed below, although the same rod-reel combos can be used for temperate and tropical regions.

In WA's northern rivers and estuaries, a baitcaster combo is recommended for barramundi and threadfin fishing, along with specialist barramundi lures, however spinning reel combos can also be used.

A 3-6kg spin outfit is the ideal all-rounder for WA's temperate estuaries and sheltered waters, chasing bream, flathead, herring, small salmon, skippy and whiting. See eBay listing here.

For chasing wary bream and whiting in clear water, such as the Swan River, a 1-3kg spin outfit is ideal for estuary whiting, bream and bass. See eBay listing here.

A heavier surf rod is needed for surf mulloway, snapper and gummy shark fishing. See eBay listing here.

This surf rod can be matched with this spinning reel ... eBay listing here.

Or try this heavy surf rod-reel combo for large mulloway or rock fishing. See eBay listing here.

For boat fishing, a short rod/spinning reel combo loaded with 10kg line is ideal for general reef fishing in water to around 20m deep, and can also be used to cast lures to pelagic fish. See eBay listing here.

Metal slice lures are ideal for tailor, kingfish and salmon in the surf and off the rocks. See eBay listing here.

Soft plastic grubs are good all-round lures for bream and freshwater species. Listing on eBay here.

Jig heads are needed for unrigged soft plastic lures. Listing on eBay here.

Squid jigs are useful in Western Australia, especially in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. Listing on eBay here.

Star sinkers or snapper leads are generally used on a paternoster rig for surf and boat fishing. For most other fishing, ball sinkers are used, as part of a running sinker rig. Listing on eBay here.

Hooks in mixed sizes (suggest 1# or #2 for whiting, 6# or #8 for garfish, 4/0 for tailor, salmon and flathead, 11/0 for large mulloway). Listing on eBay here.

Ganged hooks (joined chains of hooks) are used when fishing pilchard baits for tailor. Listing on eBay here.


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