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NOTE: Special snapper rules apply in South Australia – more info here.

Ardrossan is best known among fishos for its public jetty and ship-loading jetty, but it also has a large, ground-breaking artificial reef nearby.

The Windara Shellfish Reef began as a 4ha reef made of 60 concrete reef balls, limestone, oyster shells and live native oysters.

Phase two in 2018 saw the reef expanded to 20ha.

The reef is expected to grow and provide good snapper fishing when the 2023 snapper ban is lifted.

Ardrossan has a small marina, adjacent to the bulk loading jetty, which is fished by boat but can not be publicly accessed.

Good grounds are located near the marina.

Tommies, squid, snook, blue crabs, salmon trout and mullet are caught from the public jetty, and occasional school mulloway.

Fishing is best in the late afternoon and evening, and early morning, from October until Easter.

A hopper barge was scuttled south-east of Ardrossan in 1984 and is a known big-snapper spot, with slimy mackerel, chow, whiting and mulloway.

Crab raking grounds lie north and south of Ardrossan and gar dabbing and flounder spearing can be done in these places around high tide in calm weather.

Crabs are caught all year but are best from September to April, especially if wading and raking.

March and April are considered best.

The Ardrossan Sanctuary Zone restricts fishing around the Zanoni shipwreck.

Big yellowfin whiting can be caught from the beaches using light tackle and fresh or live seaweed worms.

Ardrossan GPS Marks

Barge 34 31.815S 138 03.784E

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Ardrossan crabbing

Ardrossan kayak fishing

Ardrossan loading jetty

Ardrossan snapper

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