Are earthworms good bait for sea fish?

Can you use earthworms to catch sea fish? The answer is a definite yes.

In Australian waters, earthworms will catch black bream and whiting when baits of packet prawns are ignored.

Earthworms are commonly washed into marine waters during flooding, which is probably why marine estuary fish are familiar with them.

Or maybe earthworms just taste good.

In southern estuaries the freshwater congoli readily takes earthworms, and a fine way to catch big black bream is to catch a congoli, take off fillets, and use them for bait.

Of course, earthworms are better known as bait for freshwater fish such as trout and redfin.

Here’s how to make a worm farm, a great investment if you are a keen fisho.

Alternatively, see worm farm listings on eBay here.

Shrimp and yabbies are also great baits for freshwater fishing. Strict regulations apply to the type of gear used to catch them though.

Ebay sellers have a variety of yabby and shrimp traps, be sure to buy one that complies with local regulations.

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