Australia’s best fishing spots

What are Australia’s Top fishing spots? Here’s our top six.

1. Dundee Beach, NT: Where else can you expect multiple sailfish captures in a day, along with great barramundi fishing, and easy access to red emperor, coral trout and more on the reefs. Did we mention the giant jewfish on shallow coastal reefs, as well as queenfish and trevally along the beaches and foreshore rocks.

2. Exmouth, WA: The number of IGFA fishing records broken around Exmouth demonstrate how good the fishing is. Not only does the Continental Shelf come close to the coast, with giant blue and black marlin, but there is the Ningaloo Reef system, and Exmouth Gulf estuary fishing. There is sight-fishing in the coral lagoons for bonefish, spangled emperor and more, trolling for spanish mackerel, and even a chance of a barramundi in Exmouth Gulf.

3. Steep Point, WA: World class rock fishing, simple! Endless numbers of big spanish mackerel, as well as kingfish, pink snapper, tailor, and even sailfish and small black marlin. When you get sick of the rocks you have Shark Bay to explore, for pink snapper, squid, whiting and more.

4. Yalata, SA: A superb surf mulloway area, with plenty of salmon and gummy sharks. Not great variety, but great beach fishing for the selected species.

5. Port Phillip and Western Port Bays, Victoria: Great bread and better fishing in these reasonably sheltered bays. The fishing has improved with better management. Lots of artificial reefs and fishing platforms.

6. Mackay-Rockhampton, Qld: There’s a bit of everything along the central Queensland coast, including stocked barramundi dams, the Great Barrier Reef, and large wild barramundi and threadfin salmon in the rivers. Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River is net free and now has superb fishing for trophy-sized fish.

What’s your favourite fishing spot or region?

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