Breakfast Creek, Brisbane

Breakfast Creek is an easily accessible landbased spot that can produce jewfish, cod, sharks, snapper and threadfin salmon.

The spot to fish is at the mouth, where this large tidal creek joins the Brisbane River at Newstead House.

There is deep water in casting range, and rocky structure.

Nearby lights attract baitfish at night.

Expect big jewfish and threadfin salmon if you use livebait.

This area can be fished on both sides of the creek, but the southern side around Newstead House has the best fishing points.

Bream, cod, mangrove jacks and squire snapper are caught with deadbaits.

Catfish and bull sharks can be a nuisance.

Mullet, herring and prawns are ideal livebaits for big fish, as well as puttynose perch.

When the tide slows fish livebaits without weight, or with a float.

Pick evening high tides when boat traffic is low during the week.

Surf rods help keep your line out of the rocks when fishing here, but smaller rods will work.

If you don’t score, no matter, the Breakfast Creek Hotel located off the northern bank is famous for its steaks.

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