Brushy Lagoon, Tasmania

Brushy Lagoon is one the few Tasmanian fishing locations where Atlantic salmon, brown, rainbow and brook trout can be caught.

There’s also redfin.

Large hatchery salmon have been historically released in the lagoon, to 12kg, making for interesting fishing.

Brushy Lagoon is open all year.

Being less than an hour drive from Launceston or Devonport, it is popular, so expect company on weekends.

There is unsealed road to transit but it does not require 4WD.

The best ramp is near the dam wall. There is also a ramp and camping area on the east side of the lake.

Lagoon surroundings are bush, with mostly tea tree around the edges.

The area near the dam wall is a convenient and proven place to bait fish from shore.

The south-west side has good wading areas, but summer weed is a problem.

There are patches of dead trees that require careful navigation in boats, with the north end containing the most snags.

Trolling is easier at the southern end.

Brushy has black and red spinner mayfly hatches, and dun hatches.

Midge hatches happen in the morning and evening in sheltered corners from October.

Trolling shallow-swimming bibbed lures in bright colours is a proven method.

Most bait fishers use worms or a live mudeye (dragonfly larvae) under a float.

Note that where Brushy Rivulet flows in there is a surrounding 50m no-fishing zone.

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