Clairview, Queensland

Clairview gives access to the shallow waters of upper Broad Sound, the large Clairview Creek and several smaller tidal creeks.

Launching is at the foreshore ramp at Clairview’s BarraCrab Caravan Park, travelling 9km south by sea and going in through the creek mouth.

Boaters launch at the ramp near the van park on the incoming tide, fish the high and early outgoing tide, and return when there is enough water to retrieve the boat.

This area is subject to huge tides and there is large tidal mudflat, so trips must be planned accordingly.

The bigger tides can create rough conditions when wind and tidal currents are opposed.

Smaller tides bring clearer water, especially after the neap cycle.

Smaller creeks in the area have launch sites suitable for small boats.

Clairview Creek, 10km south of Clairview, is the major local waterway.

The creek has jewfish, grunter, salmon, golden snapper, mangrove jacks and barra.

The smaller ‘Oyster Creek’, 5km south of Clairview Creek, fishes well but has a substantial rockbar that restricts upper access.

There are oyster rocks in both creeks, and holes which hold jewfish and barramundi.

Flock Pigeon Island is just 4km from the van park ramp and the reef at south end has golden snapper, cod and salmon.

Red Clay Island, 30km out, has coral trout and other reef fish, including pink snapper.

Most estuary fish are available all year, with threadfin salmon best in winter.

Big salmon are caught from the beach near Clairview, as well as whiting and flathead.

The Clairview area is quite sheltered and seems less windy than Mackay, says van park owner Bill Frier.

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