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Blowhole Beach at Beachsafe
Boat Harbour Beach at Beachsafe
Tunkalilla Beach at Beachsafe

NOTE: Special snapper rules apply in South Australia – more info here.

Blowhole Creek beach is at the western boundary of Deep Creek Conservation Park.

This is one of seven small beaches along a mostly steep-cliffed and inaccessible section of coast on the south side of Fleurieu Peninsula.

Two of these beaches in the Deep Creek Conservation Park are easily accessible to the public by 4WD, with the remainder backed by farmland.

The park is 100km of Adelaide, with five campgrounds, four of them accessible by 2WD vehicles.

The other campground is walk-in only on the Heysen Trail, which gives walking access to coastal areas along this coast.

There are 15 walking trails in the national park that offer a spectacular view of Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo Island and Deep Creek Valley.

Access to Blowhole Creek beach is via a steep 4WD track, but 2WD visitors can park at Cobblers Hill and walk a steep 2km to the beach and rocks.

A creek runs across the beach, with the fishable rocks extending seaward in each side.

The western side of the beach has a good platform.

The beach itself is small, being only 120m or so wide.

From the rocks anything might be caught, although the usual catch is tommy ruff, salmon trout, silver and spotted whiting, flathead and squid.

Those who take time to access the more remote rocks will find big leatherjackets, sweep and more.

Kingfish and silver trevally might show up on a good day.

Boat Harbour Beach

This is a straight 100m-wide steep cobblestone beach, with a low-tide sandbar.

It is at the end of a deep valley, with the 4WD access track zigzagging down the western spur.

Fishermen find this interesting spot to be hot or cold. Salmon trout are the likely catch.

Tunkalilla Beach

To the east of Deep Creek National Park is Tunkalilla Beach.

This 5km-long beach is accessible from a carpark on a bluff above the western end of the beach.

It is a long walk, especially on the way back.

It should be fished in light weather, preferably a northerly.

It has good salmon fishing at times, with a mulloway or snapper a chance at night in spring and summer.

It is renowned for sharks in summer.

Beaches further east include Callawonga Beach, Ballapanudda Beach and Coolawanga Beach.

These may be accessible off the Heysen Trail, but check with trail organisers first.

Interestingly, Callawonga Creek was shown to hold trout in a 2013 government survey.

Further to the east are Parsons and Waitpinga Beaches, which are long, high-energy surf beaches. They are publicly accessible and well-proven salmon fisheries, with a chance of tailor, mulloway and sharks.


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Some external videos filmed around Deep Creek NP are featured below.

Blowhole Beach fishing

Boat Harbour Beach drone footage

Blowhole Beach drone footage

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