How to add a marker

To add a map marker, go to the map, zoom into the feature you want to mark, but don’t expand the map window to full size.

Right-click (PC) or tap (phone and tablet) on the feature you want to mark.

If the red pointer isn’t located quite right you can move it.

Type your title and text in the boxes below the map and hit submit.

Once you have right-clicked a marker it will stay on the map, refresh the page if you want to get rid of it.

Markers appear if approved by Admin.

Why add markers?

It’s all about quid pro quo. You add some spots, and you get new spots from others, very helpful when fishing an unfamiliar area.

You may also help people have a safer fishing trip by marking local hazards.

You’ll also be part of what is going to be Australia’s greatest fishing map project.

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