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This free fishing and diving map is a work in progress, with more information added each week.

We have prioritised adding boat ramps, artificial reefs and wrecks, and are now moving onto rockbars, reefs and landbased spots.

Wiki Fishing Spots users can register and add information, or comment on existing information.

GPS data supplied with spot markers is generally in the WGS84 map datum.

If you add GPS data to your text, please be sure it is either in WGS84, or note what datum is used.

Any user-added map markers will be checked by Admin before being approved.

If you own a lodge or charter you may add a link to your business, but please also add some useful information for our readers.

No guarantee is supplied that the map data is accurate or fit for any purpose. For example, many links to shipwrecks may only be of interest to historians or divers.

Contact admin at fishfindermaps@gmail.com

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