Lake Maraboon, Queensland

Lake Maraboon, Queensland
Lake Maraboon, Queensland

Lake Maraboon, or Fairbairn Dam, is on the Nogoa River, 20km east of Emerald.

The lake was formed in 1972, with a vast area when full of nearly 8000ha, but with only an average depth of 9m.

There are considerable irrigation demands on the water, which has reduced levels to almost empty during drought.

The dam has barramundi, Murray cod, saratoga, silver perch, eels, yellowbelly, eel-tail catfish, leathery grunter, redclaw, sleepy cod and spangled perch.

Redclaw crayfish are a hugely popular catch.

Yellowbelly tend to inhabit the upper reaches of the lake.

Silver perch and cod are usually hard to find, and not enough barramundi have been released to build useful fishing densities.

There is a better chance of catching barramundi and other fish in the town weir section below the dam.

Saratoga are also caught in the lake, but redclaw are likely to remain the main attraction for Fairbairn fishermen for some time.

Best fishing is usually in the Nogoa River and Sheep Station Creek arms, where there are ample weedbeds, timber and channels.

Lake Maraboon Holiday Park and boat ramp is near the dam wall, this is the only public launch site.

Queensland dam water levels
Queensland stocked impoundment permits

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