Lake Monduran, Queensland

If you want a world record barramundi, Lake Monduran (Fred Haigh Dam) might be where you find it.

A 44.6kg barramundi, measuring 135cm long and 107cm around, was caught in 2010, topping the previous record from Lake Tinaroo.

Monduran is one of very few impoundments where you have an excellent chance of catching both big barramundi and big bass.

This is a superb fishing lake, but it suffers from both low water levels and floods.

During floods the big adult barramundi migrate over the dam wall.

Fortunately, barramundi fishing recovers quickly with restocking as barramundi grow fast.

Monduran is the third biggest dam in Queensland, at 5300ha when full, and it is the largest Queensland dam stocked with barramundi.

The dam is on the Kolan River, 20km from Gin Gin, about a 4.5 hour drive from Brisbane,.

Monduran normally has an average depth of 11m, but this fluctuates.

There are a variety of fishable areas, with valleys, forests of submerged timber and rocky cliffs.

Timber is thick in places and care is required when boating, but the timbered areas are often the best fishing spots.

Fish stocking began in 1998. As well as barra and bass, yellowbelly, silver perch, sooty grunter and saratoga have been released, but barra and bass are now by far the main catch.

There is a resident population of fork-tailed catfish, eels, eel-tailed catfish, gar and spangled perch.

Redclaw crayfish exist in the lake but for some reason are not common. It may be that the abundance of large barra and bass keeps their numbers down.

Summer is the best time to target Monduran barramundi, as barra are far more active in warm conditions.

The action is usually best in the morning and evening, with good fishing at night.

In winter, look for barra and bass in the warmest shallows.

When bass fishing it pays to use heavy gear, as a barramundi hookup can happen at any time.

That said, bass usually respond better to small lures presented on light tackle.

The dam is home to the popular annual Monduran Family Fishing Classic.

There is camping, caravan sites and cabins near the lake, and a motel at Gin Gin.

A stocked impoundment permit (SIP) is required to fish Monduran and can be purchased online.

There are no major boating restrictions and the waters are open 24 hours.

A concrete ramp is in the public access area, with an unsealed ramp below the lookout and campground near the dam wall.

Lake Monduran facilities
Qld dam water levels
Qld stocked dam permits
Qld fishing regulations

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