Peter Faust Dam, Proserpine

Peter Faust Dam, or Lake Proserpine, is one of Queensland’s best stocked barramundi impoundments.

It is a relatively new structure, with the dam built in 1990 on the Proserpine River, 30km north-west of Proserpine.

The lake covers 4350ha, with an average depth of 12m.

There are barramundi, saratoga, sleepy cod, sooty grunter, spangled perch, eels and redclaw crayfish.

Barramundi over 1m are common, as well as big sooty grunter.

Redclaw numbers fluctuate.

Like many such dams, the barra are somewhat “educated” by angling pressure and can be hard to catch. But not always.

Warm weather is always preferable when fishing this dam, although some fish are caught in cool weather.

Large floods assist barramundi in migrating over the dam wall.

A few fish survive this and move into the Proserpine River, which is also a good barramundi fishing spot.

How to fish Peter Faust Dam

The dam can be subject to strong south-easterly winds, so pick your weather.

Most fishermen target the big barramundi, but redclaw have a strong following, and some of the sooty grunter are brutes.

If the south-east wind blows, fish the submerged trees in the shallows on the western side. The big barra will often be lying against the trees in very shallow water, so move quietly.

In more open water, look for bait balls.

Big fish and timber means heavy tackle is required, with 15kg to 25kg braid the norm. Use 40kg fluorocarbon leader of around 90cm or more in length.

Use strong split rings and trebles hooks of 6x rating.

When fishing the timber try to keep a short casting or trolling line or you will lose fish after hookup.

Many of the lake’s points have weedbeds. Fish these hard, working lures from deep to shallow. Work the lures slowly.

Large hardbodied suspending minnow style lures and soft plastics are proven.

Soft plastics work best with a stinger treble in the tail, but it must be attached in a sturdy manner.

Dog walkers and frogs work better than poppers on the surface.

Night fishing works well, and the surface strikes will provide an adrenalin rush.

There is no camping at the dam, with the nearest accommodation 2km away.

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