Port Macdonnell, South Australia

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Port Macdonnell is a holiday destination with surf, jetty, breakwall and rock fishing, as well as good offshore spots.

It, and Robe, are arguably South Australia’s big-tuna capitals.

The region is also home to abalone, the southern rock lobster (crayfish), and most of the marine fish that Croweaters cherish, including gummy and school shark.

Tommy ruffs are the main target on the jetty, with salmon and spotted whiting.

The boat ramp is sheltered inside a 1km-long breakwall, which is a great fishing spot.

Some boaters catch plenty without leaving the harbour.

Pinchcut Reef lies 1km east of the jetty, and in calm weather the reef around Ruby Rock can be worth the 18km sea trip east, fishing outside of the sanctuary zone.

Summer snapper are caught in the surf near rock outcrops.

The biggest tuna are caught offshore from March to July.

The Continental Shelf lies just 30km south-south-west of the port, with tuna albacore, mako and thresher sharks, and more.

A marine sanctuary exists east of Port McDonnell.

Pinchcut Reef 38 03.390S 140 42.687E

Port Macdonnell coast from the air

Port Macdonnell tuna fishing

Port Macdonnell diving with dolphin, abalone and crayfish

Cray pot video

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