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Fishos with a 4WD and a kayak can best enjoy the secluded Red River and Wingan Inlet region.

There is also good surf and rock fishing.

For those fit enough to carry their fishing gear long distances, the area has a superb 100km bushwalking track, which includes many small sections that fishermen find well worthwhile.

From Betka River, the Old Coast Road leads to a 4WD track past little Shipwreck Creek, to the larger Benedore River, which is often landlocked.

The Benedore can be fished by cartopper or canoe for bream.

Between Benedore River and Red River is Sandpatch Point, which has rock fishing on the east side.

Further west, on a 4WD track, is Red River and Easby Creek.

Access is on the East Wingan Road off the Princes Highway.

The track forks off to Red River and Easby Creek.

Both creeks can be fished by canoe or cartopper.

Red River is often landlocked and has only limited bank access.

When the sea access is open expect estuary perch, bream, salmon, tailor, luderick and whiting. Bream are the main catch.

Easby Creek produces big bream among the rock outcrops, some of which are fishable from shore.

Wingan Inlet is arguably the easiest and best camping location for fishermen within Croajingolong National Park.

Kayaking is popular in the Wingan and from the mouth fishos can travel almost 7km upstream before reaching rapids.

Access to the beach from Wingan Inlet campground is by a 2km track on the west side of the inlet. It is a long walk to the beach.

Surf fishing produces mainly mullet, salmon and gummy sharks.

For walkers, there is a 100km Wilderness Coast Walk, from Sydenham Inlet to Wonboyn on the NSW coast.

The walk is divided into shorter sections.

The Wingan to Red River walk is 10km each way and can be done in a day, but there is no fresh water at Red River.

The walk starts on the west side of Wingan River, and to join the Easby Creek track you must canoe or swim across the creek.

Some climbing over rocks is required to complete the Easby Creek track.

Easby is a small creek that is often landlocked, but it usually has bream.

After Easby, almost 2km of beach walking is required to the next coastal rocks, and after this there is another 2km of beach walking to Red River.

Red River mouth is often closed. To access its campsite on foot, follow the beach 200m past the mouth to the Red River track sign.

Red River has estuary perch and bream and is ideally fished by canoe.


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Croajingolong National Park fishing and coastal walking

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