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The Kedron Brook Floodway, locally often called Schulz Canal, is a man-altered waterway flowing into Brisbane’s Moreton Bay at Nudgee.

The canal leads upstream through Toombul and becomes Kedron Brook.

The mouth runs through muddy sandflat along Nudgee Beach.

The mouth is a great spot for sand whiting and flathead, with easy access along the western shore from the Nudgee Beach road.

There are tidal creeks located immediately east and west of the mouth, helping make this a productive fishing area, but there are sanctuary zones.

The area out the front of the canal where wave action meets the channel and flats edges is usually the best spot for whiting, but they can be caught on the flats and canal edges.

Use tiny fresh baits of worm or small pieces of frozen prawn.

Flathead can be caught reliably along the canal edges, and livebait works best.

Other local species include bream, catfish, pikey eels and stingrays. Jewfish and threadfin salmon are a chance.

There are prawns in season.

Whiting are best in summer and bream in winter.

The concrete boat ramp on the western bank has a large parking area.

The upper freshwater section of the canal around suburban Kedron has tilapia, eels and mullet.

The canal runs through Toombul shopping centre carpark, where it is slightly tidal. The canal floods the carpark during major rain events.

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Some external videos filmed around Schulz Canal are featured below.

Kedron Brook fishing

Kedron Brook Floodway flooding

Kedron Brook Floodway bike path

Nudgee Beach flathead

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