Warren Reservoir, South Australia

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The Warren Reservoir is a stocked water in the Barossa Valley near Williamstown, about an hour’s drive from Adelaide.

The Warren and Bundaleer Reservoirs were stocked around the same time in 2016, with 24,000 native fish.

These included 8000 murray cod, 11,000 golden perch and 3800 silver perch.

The Warren also contains redfin, legally a feral fish, but well regarded as a sporting and eating fish.

Kayaking is allowed on the Warren, and there are two launch areas.

Warren Reservoir was built during WWI to ensure a water supply for the local area as local springs did not last through summer.

Like Bundaleer Reservoir, the Warren has very little bankside structure, but the fish are usually easy to find.

Other South Australian fishing reservoirs include Beetaloo, the South Para near Williamstown, and Myponga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


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Some external videos filmed at Warren Reservoir are featured below.

Warren Reservoir drone footage

Warren Reservoir golden perch and redfin

Warren Reservoir cod

Warren Reservoir redfin

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