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NOTE: Special snapper rules apply in South Australia – more info here.

Some of South Australia’s great fishing spots are located from Port Wakefield and south down the York Peninsula coast.

The peninsula’s mostly sandy shallows are home to plenty of whiting, squid, flathead, gar and flounder, along with runs of blue crabs.

At the foot of the peninsula, places like Marion Bay have superb bluewater fishing for samsonfish and more.


This community on the upper western Gulf of St Vincent has two creeks with mostly juvenile fish.

Launching by 2WD into Wills Creek is at high tide only if you don’t have 4WD.

Private (illegal) artificial reefs have been sunk and hold pink snapper in summer.


This town has been somewhat famous for its great fishing jetty, but is now likely to be better known for having a purpose-built natural artificial reef.

The 4ha reef is made of reef balls, limestone, oyster shells and live native oysters.

Ardrossan otherwise has outstanding crabbing, squid, tommy ruff, gar and yellowfin whiting.

There are good all-tide launching facilities, and a hopper barge artificial reef 15km offshore that holds snapper in summer.

Black Point

This holiday community is on a wide shallow bay, and being on the west side of the gulf the winds are offshore in summer.

The main catch in the shallow bay are yellowfin whiting, flathead, flounder, yellow-eye mullet, gar, squid and blue crabs.

There are snapper offshore, but finding ground, or someone’s private artificial reef, can be difficult.

The Black Point launch site is exposed, and dries as the tide falls.

Nearby Port Julia has a small jetty that dries at low tide, and a basic launch site.

Squid are caught off the point.

Port Vincent

This small town has a marina that provides sheltered all-tide boat launching.

Unlike many gulf towns, there is no fishing jetty.

The attraction for boaters is Orontes Bank about 15km offshore, which produces spotted whiting, gar, snapper and squid.

The whiting are generally bigger than those in the upper gulf.

There is a blue crab run in summer.

North Spit north of Port Vincent is a great low-tide location for blue crabs.

Garfish dabbing is best on a dark night (no moon).


The jetty produces spotted whiting at the far end, and garfish, yellowfin whiting, tommy ruff, snook and squid.

There is a good summer run of blue crabs, usually raked around South Spit.

The boat ramp is excellent.

Along the coast north of Stansbury are excellent squidding grounds.

Wool Bay

There is a short jetty which produces mostly squid, gar and tommy ruff.

The launch site is poor and requires 4WD.

Port Giles

The long loading jetty here produced big snapper in years past.

Otherwise, tommy ruff, slimy mackerel, chow, trevally, squid and gar are the main catch.

The jetty is closed when grain is being loaded.

The rocks to the north are known to produce snapper, usually after a storm.

South of Port Giles, Salt Creek Bay at Coobowie has yellowfin whiting, mullet and flounder.

There is a tyre reef 3km off Giles Point.

Giles Tyre Reef approx 35 02.715S 137 47.483E


The small jetty here punches above its weight, with tommy ruff, garfish, snook and squid. Night is best.

The boat ramp is adequate and king george whiting caught on nearby grounds are usually of a good size.

There is snapper and more at Troubridge Shoals, Tapley Shoal and Marion Reef for those with suitable boats.

Currents can be strong and fishing is best done at the turn of the tide.

Marion Bay

This large bay is under the “foot” of Yorke Peninsula.

It is one of two places where boats can be launched along the bottom end of the peninsula, the other being Pondalowie Bay.

It is not an ideal launch site however, being exposed and only a single lane.

Marion Bay jetty fishes well for squid, gar, tommy ruff and mullet.

The beach within the bay is renowned for its autumn mullet run.

Boaters who want to catch large spotted whiting should launch here and go 25km east to Foul Bay.

The beaches from Marion Bay east to Troubridge Point produce some big mulloway.

Big flathead are also caught.

The local charter operators visit the more distant hotspots and are worth considering.

Offshore grounds here and further west produce samson, blue morwong, harlequin fish, yellowtail kingfish, trevally, snapper, nannygai, sharks and more.


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Some external videos filmed off the eastern York Peninsula coast are featured below.

Netting St Vincents Gulf with ET

Crab raking at Ardrossan

Ardrossan snapper

Stansbury drone footage

Stansbury blue crabs

Wool Bay shallows fishing

Edithbugh tommy ruffs

Port Giles drone footage

Marion Bay samsonfish

Marion Bay bluewater fishing

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