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Who is WFS Admin? Over about 45 years I fished most of the Aussie mainland and Tasmania. I mapped Top End river rockbars, reefs and wrecks using early sonar mapping software. I published the North Australian Fishing and Outdoors Magazine (closed it when COVID took off), and still publish the biennial FISH FINDER book of fishing maps. I was Sunday Territorian fishing columnist for two decades. Perhaps more importantly, I have caught 20lb+ snapper off Adelaide's metro jetties :) Also have great memories of catching tommies, chow and slimies at Port Giles and Edithburgh with my dad, and fishing in England for everything from carp and grayling to cod and plaice. This site is pretty much a love job, so be patient with site issues. Fishos can help by posting useful comments, fishing reports and feedback. Fish on!

Terms and Conditions

The maps and GPS data are provided to illustrate fishing and diving spots. Basic chart information is provided only to illustrate fishing areas.

This website is not be used for land or sea navigation. Complete nautical charts and maps must be used when navigating.

Ongoing negotiations from recent Aboriginal land and sea rights court cases, as well as changing legislation, changing land holdings and creation and management of marine parks, means land/sea access and fishing regulations in some areas are changing constantly and may differ from what is published here.

Visit government and Aboriginal land council web sites for the latest information before fishing.

No responsibility will be taken for misadventure arising from use of information in this guide. No warranty is provided in relation to the information (including accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability) and no liability is accepted (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for any loss, damage or costs (including consequential damage) relating to any use of this guide.

GPS co-ordinates provided may be subject to typographical or other error. GPS co-ordinates may mark hazardous reefs and as such should only be approached during good conditions.

Waves may break unexpectedly over submerged reefs.


Crocodiles inhabit northern waters, including beaches, offshore islands, harbours, inland waterholes, creeks and rivers … sometimes they are even on roads … do not take risks.

Marine park zones will be illustrated where possible on this website with approximate boundaries, but refer to the relevant state or federal authorities’ maps for detailed boundaries and their conditions before fishing.

GPS data for wrecks and other features in no-fishing sanctuaries are provided for divers. Be sure to know marine park zone boundaries and rules before fishing.

Some wharves are subject to security zones. These zones may change at short notice. Check with local port authorities before fishing near wharves.

Darwin fishing spots

Fittingly, we have kicked off this site with 600+ spots for Australia’s Fishing Territory, the Top End.

With the NT’s Million Dollar Fish promo kicking off each year from October (usually around 100 tagged $10,000 barra are released!), fishos need all the info they can get.

If you need even more good oil, grab a copy of our FISH FINDER book at The book is easy to use and never breaks down.

We’ll be adding other states to this site and more functionality each week, so please keep coming back. All feedback will be taken on board.

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