Mulloway in Tasmania

Are mulloway caught in Tasmania?

The answer is possibly yes, but in tiny numbers. As in, catching one is a freak event.

We asked Tasmanian Fisheries about mulloway, and they said they had no catch records.

No Tasmanians target mulloway, or even fish in ways that would maximise their chance of catching them, because the species has not historically been available.

Livebaiting of Tasmanian surf beaches rarely happens.

Today, many potential mulloway beaches are shark sanctuaries, so fishos are no longer chucking big baits out for gummy sharks at these places, further diminishing the chance of catching mulloway.

Mulloway have been rarely reported in Tasmania in online forums, but we haven’t seen any pix.

The habitat is there. With climate change, the species might become established.

The island state’s coastline has seen an increase in pink snapper, king george whiting and yellowtail kingfish numbers in recent years as waters warm and warming currents from the mainland persist.

There have been rumours of mulloway caught at the Tamar River, Arthur River, St Helens, Scamander and Garden Island.

But again, no pix.

With more people fishing shallow coastal reefs off Tasmania for pink snapper, it might just be a matter of time before mulloway start showing up in catches.

There is this online report of one caught on Tasmania’s east coast at Swansea (discussion starts at 9.43) …

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Tasmania’s Redmap for mulloway captures.

Leave a comment if you can add to the Tasmanian mulloway discussion.

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