Summer fishing in Melbourne – What fish to catch around Melbourne in summer

The following advice applies to Melbourne’s bays and nearby coastal waters.

Black bream – All year, they move further up tidal waterways in summer.

Crabs, blue swimmer – Best in summer, day or night.

Flathead – All year, especially good in summer, they bite all day.

Flounder – All year, but the usual method is spearing in the shallows at night in summer.

Garfish – Best in summer/autumn but bigger fish often caught in winter. Dab netting is usually done at night with light at night in summer.

Mulloway – Best in summer but caught all year. Fish dusk into the night at turn of tide. Also under bridge lights.

Salmon – Small fish show up all year. Best at high tide at dusk and dawn. Big fish best in autumn/winter.

Snapper – All year but best in spring/summer. Best at dusk and dawn and they come in close after stormy weather. Read more about snapper movements in Port Phillip Bay.

Bluefin tuna – Best in late summer.

Squid – Available all year but best when the water is clear, dawn, dusk and night.

Whiting, king george – All year but often better quality fish in winter, they bite all day but often tide dependent.

Whiting, yellowfin – Best in summer in spots well away from swimmers. Look for nose marks over shallow flats where they feed.

Kingfish – summer.

Silver trevally – summer.

Chow (yakkas) – summer.

Leatherjackets – all year.

Sharks – all year but better in summer.

Native freshwater fish – summer.

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