Myponga Reservoir, South Australia

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Myponga Reservoir is on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, south of Adelaide.

For decades, fishermen driving south of Adelaide to fish bluewater spots would look wistfully as they passed Myponga Reservoir.

There were stories of big redfin and even trout existing in the lake, but fishing was not allowed.

Dreams of fishing the lake have now come true, with 32,000 murray cod and 30,000 each of silver perch and golden perch released in early 2020.

Trout were to be stocked in mid 2020.

Redfin are abundant.

Fishing access is only allowed from shore.

The Myponga dam was built in 1958-1962 on the Myponga River, and the impoundment still helps supply Adelaide with water.

Another of Adelaide’s other major dams, Mt Bold, was also completed in 1962.


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Some external videos filmed at Bundaleer Reservoir are featured below.

Myponga Reservoir drone footage

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