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Ninety Mile Beach is a superb fishing beach that stretches from McLoughlins Beach in the west to Lake Tyers Beach near Lakes Entrance to the east.

Species caught from the surf include salmon, tailor, snapper, sand whiting, various sharks and rays, kingfish, flathead, mullet, mulloway, trevally and bream.

Popular holiday destinations for people who fish the beach are Seaspray, Golden Beach, Loch Sport and Lakes Entrance.

Fishos do not have to target secluded parts of the beach to do well, but for those who want to get away from it all, try McGaurans Beach out of Woodside on the South Gippsland Highway, or Pettmans Beach near Lake Tyers. Pettmans is well known for its usually ideal gutters.

Other popular spots are Woodside Beach and Lake Tyers Beach, which both have van parks and shops.

Near Sale, Golden Beach produces snapper and sharks, as well as the more usual salmon.

Some fishermen launch boats from Ninety Mile Beach to target mixed species on rough ground, Google Earth imagery may reveal shadows of reef from which you can take GPS marks.

For those who don’t want to use a boat or surf ski, rigs can be taken out beyond the breakers with balloons, kites, remote-controlled boats or drones.

Ninety Mile Beach is famous for its gummy and school sharks and rays, but larger shark species such as whalers, hammerheads and seven-gills are present.

Try squid, bluebait, pilchards at night for gummy and school sharks.

Live salmon or mullet produce mulloway and snapper, usually in the warmer months, but winter snapper are caught.

Big salmon bite are usually around in autumn/winter, with sharks best in spring and summer, but gummies are caught through winter.

Elephant sharks and tailor often bite well in autumn.

Night fishing is popular on the Ninety Mile Beach, and tends to produce the better fish.

Spring and summer fishing can be plagued by unpredictable appearances of weed. Draughtboard sharks and various rays are a constant nuisance.

The standard surf kit is a star sinker set at the bottom of a paternoster rig, using a heavy-duty surf rod.

As the Gippsland Lakes lay behind much of the beach, this area provides many different fishing opportunities for the touring angler.

Lakes Entrance itself is an exceptional fishing area, both from the beach and within the entrance.

Ninety Mile Beach accommodation


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Ninety Mile Beach fishing

Ninety Mile Beach fishing

Ninety Mile Beach fishing

Ninety Mile Beach fishing

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